Kirby Star Allies (Switch Digital)

Kirby Star Allies (Switch Digital)
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Kirby Star Allies (Switch Digital) ISMERTETŐ, LEÍRÁS:

Team up with friends to puff up your powers in Kirby Star Allies, a colourful platforming adventure, only on Nintendo Switch! Up to four players*** can journey through Dream Land together, combining Copy Abilities to perform spectacular special moves or even create new powers!

Wicked weather
Dark Hearts are raining down, and now there's something wrong with Dream Land! When a falling heart hits Kirby, it does something very unexpected...! Kirby gains the power to spread love, allowing him to recruit unlikely allies to help him on his quest to bring peace back to Dream Land.

Open wide
In classic Kirby fashion, inhale opponents and objects then fire them back out to smash through blocks or baddies! You can also copy the powers of certain enemies, which lets you steal their unique attacks and abilities.

Throw a friend heart at nearby foes to recruit up to three allies at a time! Combine different Copy Abilities to unleash powerful attacks, solve puzzles or add more firepower to your weapons.

Try mixing Copy Abilities with different elements – such as fire, water and wind – by borrowing or giving them to your helpers. Combine the Stone and Ice abilities to turn a character into a slippery curling stone and smash through walls, mix the Fire and Sword abilities to create a super-hot Sizzle Sword, and more!

All aboard the Friend Train
Sometimes you’ll need all four members of your team to join together to perform an impressive special move. Form a Friend Circle to roll through any obstacles that stand in your way, steam towards the end of a stage as a Friend Train, or create a Friend Bridge to pass over large gaps!

Discover new Copy Abilities
Take down baddies in all sorts of ways using brand-new and fan-favourite Copy Abilities! Wrap up an enemy in a bundle of webbing with the new Spider ability, or slam them firmly into the ground with the Suplex ability. There are loads of Copy Abilities to discover, each with their own unique move sets.

Share the joy
Up to four players can join the fun anytime, anywhere! Simply recruit an ally in-game by using a friend heart, then grab a Joy-Con or Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to jump straight into the action! Open up new paths by combining Copy Abilities, and work together to overcome challenging bosses who stand in your way.

Minigame madness
Go head-to-head against your friends – or against the computer – in two frantic minigames! Cut down a tree as quickly as possible in Chop Champs, or bat away an incoming meteor in Star Slam Heroes. Whoever chops the most wood or hits the meteor the furthest will be crowned the winner!


Heal your party
If your team is hurt during battle, you can scan Kirby series amiibo (sold separately) to spawn in various fruits to restore your allies’ HP! You can tap in amiibo up to eight times per stage to ensure your group is always fighting fit and raring to go.

Summon Dream Friends!
Thanks to free updates* after launch, even fan-favourite legacy characters can become Kirby's friends! Well, Dream Friends, anyway! When you're saving the world, it's nice to have some heavy hitters on your side - even the likes of King Dedede, Meta Knight and Bandana Waddle Dee!

Gather an unlikely band of helpers to unleash your full potential in Kirby Star Allies, a fantastical platforming adventure for up to four players, only on Nintendo Switch.

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